Your life is a garden, Your thoughts are the seeds

Never regret the things that once made you smile.

23, CinNasty Ohio

I am the weirdest

female you could ever know. Photos are not mine unless watermarked. ✌️

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loverboyadoresbeauty asked: Hey honey how are you? Im dan, your new admirer ;) hope things going all good with you. You are really gorgeous i was wondering if you would like to send me a picture you are comfortable with doesnt matter totally dressed or nude however you like, that would make me so happy honey. Take care, kisses.


While that’s very flattering, I a going to have to say no. Unless your the man in my bed, feeding me, or putting a roof over my head, no one gets nudes. Butt pictures are the equivalence to butt swim suit photos. That’s where I draw the line. Sorry.

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